It Was the Blessing Event for Me

The origin of apocalypse was that Mr. Virgin had a huge crush on Keiko san. How did he fall for her? That was simple and quick. He showed her around the office and introduced her to us. While he was training her, he was occasionally uttering his boring jokes. To everyone’s surprise, she was laughing at his arid jokes, covering her big mouth with her left hand. Her laughter was enough for him to be encouraged falling for her. From that moment on, he never left her out of his sight.

Mr. Virgin had started a new campaign, namely, spending a lunch break with Keiko san every day. Every lunch break, he asked her to join lunch with him to talk about the job. He had never done it for any employees before. They always went to lunch together and came back to the office in a cheerful mood. For me, it was the blessing event, because I did not talk to him anymore; but not for everyone apparently. Furthermore, he forgot fulfilling his duty and talked to her all day that made the dwarf and Nakao san furious.


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