The Ultimate Disaster

November was coming with a bitter wind, and the new employee had joined us. I would never forget her, since she brought the ultimate disaster in the general office. To tell the truth, she began the apocalypse there. A week after her appearance of the scene, Mr. Virgin, the dwarf, and Nakao san had become enemies to each other. They constantly made an office war among themselves over trivial things which were complete torture for me to watch. The most intolerable part for me was that everyone asked me to stand on their sides.

Her name was Keiko Suzuki; she was the mother of chaos. Keiko san was just enormous, nothing more and nothing less, just enormous. Everything about her was simply oversized; for example, she had a whale of a head, had a gargantuan face, had a tremendous mouth, had a colossal ass, had humongous arms, had massive feet, had mammoth ears, had titanic fingers, had cyclopean legs, and so on and so forth.


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