Laughter Is Good and Brings Happiness

Why do Japanese always carry around such frivolous pride? Why don’t they just enjoy working and try to make more amiable atmosphere at an office? Why do they always demand to be respected? Why do they try to make their colleagues make suffered? Lamentably, this widespread sickness is everywhere at Japanese work environments. I really think that they need to change, so that they will stop saying bad things to each other behind their backs and that they will stop hurting each other’s feelings. It is repulsive for human beings to see such mean performances each day. Japanese are always in a race and never stop. They always think how to beat their colleagues; they never think how to enjoy working together in harmony. They constantly watch their colleagues every step to make a mistake. And when they happen to catch it, they always take an advantage to insult their fellow countrymen. They are constantly creating hostile ambiance at an office among themselves. They had better start to realize that their colleagues are not enemies. They had better stop being heartless creatures before they make another victim to commit suicide. Most importantly, they must realize that their maliciousness make their fellow men commit suicide each day; they must realize that they are murderers; they must realize that emotional suffering is worse than physical suffering. In addition, Japanese need to stop being serious all the time; on the contrary, they need laughers in their offices. Laughter is good and brings happiness. My fellow Japanese, please stop being mean to each other and help each other at an office only for one day. I ask you to become human beings only for one day, I beg you. Is it too much for me to ask you to behave as a human being only for one day? You mean bastards!


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