You Are Impossible!

Here I could not refrain myself from interrupting her asinine speech and said calmly, “But why do you always talk about how to copy faster? Listen, Kaita san, you’re not as fast as you think, since the copy machines copies documents. For instance, look there, we have four copy machines at the office. Can you see the right corner? There is the copy machine No. 4, which is the fastest machine in the office. And can you see the middle one? That is the copy machine No. 2, which is the slowest machine in the office. If I use the No. 4 and if you use the No. 2, I will be the faster one. It’s not because of my copy skills; it’s simply because of the machine I use. Do you comprehend this simple fact? I don’t do anything special. As a matter of fact, I just push the button, and the machine will take care of the rest.”

She suddenly sprung up and exclaimed with furious eyes, “You are impossible, Shogo san!”

With that, she stormed out the office.


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