I’m Your Immediate Superior

Here the dwarf noticed my complete indifference, and it hurt her pride deeply. A couple of blue lines appeared on her forehead, and her face turned red as a lobster. And then she looked at me with the glints of vengeance in her eyes and yelling at the top of her voice, “Why don’t you understand, Shogo san? I’m trying to help you. But your forever disrespected attitude toward me makes me beyond rage. I’ve been nice to you, but you don’t care about anything what I say. Listen carefully, Shogo san, because I’m not going to say it again. You must listen to what I say and obey what I say blindly, since I’m your immediate superior.”


She drunk a bottle of cold green tea hurriedly and looked around the office in all directions to check whether other colleagues were still on a lunch break. After she made certain that we were alone at the office and made sure of her safety, she continued her tirade mightily, “Shogo san, the time has come for me to disclose the secret. Do you know how Ishida san had become the office manager? Because I declined the offer; that’s how he got the position at the first place. I declined it, for I’m planning to take a state exam for an accountant. I’ve taken the exam for three times so far and never passed. However, this time I am certain that I can pass the exam anyway. What I want you to understand is that even Ishida san respects me and can’t order me anything, since I’m indeed superior to him and better than him. Even I have to teach Ishida san and Nakao san how to copy faster. I have to take care of lot of things – that’s why I got stressed out these days.”

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