She Was Not Welcome

Every time I heard her silly tirade, I let myself burst out laughing uproariously and looked at her bewilderingly, as if she were a rare insect I found in a forest. Needless to say, every time she heard my laughter, she was beyond rage – she called me a hopeless renegade. At the worst, she let her malevolence made visible at the top gear all day.

One day I was lectured the stupidest subject on earth: how the dwarf became the fastest copy clerk at Williams Lea Japan. While I was sorting faxes on a computer, the dwarf was approaching to me and letting herself sat right beside me uninvitingly. And she began telling her supposed success story without any preliminaries, “Shogo san, you should know I’ve been working for Williams Lea Japan for years. I was there from the start, so to speak. From the beginning, I’ve been the shining star; I’ve been never-endingly asked to take a manager’s position. However, I always decline the offer, because I’m not in the right position to accept it. Do you know why I’ve never accepted it?”

“Nobody cares,” I whispered spitefully.

“What did you just say, Shogo san?”

I just shrugged my shoulders in order to make her realized that she was not welcome. However, my defiance did not discourage her; on the contrary, she carried on the lecture with a full of pride: “Shogo san, I’m talking about this specific attitude toward the job, namely, your unwillingness to learn the job. I tell you, your weakest point is your lack of concern about the job. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask any help and need to be more aggressive toward the job. You should follow every my movement with a pen and a note and should take a note what I teach you. In this way, you can learn the job faster. As you know, I am the quickest copy clerk at Williams Lea Japan – everyone calls me that I am the living copy machine. Be that as it may, I won’t teach you about the secret of copy technics, for I want you to observe my every movement and steal my technics behind my back.”


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