Eternal Stupidity

I soon enough realized that I had better pretend to respect the dwarf; otherwise, I would be constantly lectured how to behave toward my superior, and she would make my day miserable. She always lectured me what the first thing for me to do when I came to the office is greeting her with a slight bow. Of course, I never did that. I openly ignored her existence. Besides, I did not comprehend why I had to bow to someone whom I do not respect. If she advised me that I should have exchanged friendly greetings when I came to the office, I would willingly accept it. But not this humiliating performance, not on your life! Furthermore, I was eagerly waiting for a chance to let myself give a loud fart right beside her face, so that she would know that this was my answer to her eternal stupidity. In fact, every time I omitted my greeting, she became furious and told Nakao san with ostentatious loud voice, so that I could hear every single tiny detail she uttered, “Nakano san, I warned Ishida san many times that he shouldn’t have hired Shogo san. I told him that Shogo san would be rude to us, because he had been out of Japan for a long time. I don’t like people who have tasted foreign lands, since they don’t know how to behave at an office properly and don’t know how to respect their immediate superior. They don’t equip any Japanese etiquette, so to speak. For example, if we hire a normal Japanese person, he’ll come to me and greet me, bowing with a touch of polite words. And then he’ll listen to attentively what I say and take a note assiduously. But alas, look at Shogo san, he never greets me, never gives any attention what I say, never takes a note, and to cap it all, he never shows proper respect for me. It is Ishida san’s fault. He should’ve never hired him at the first place.”


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