Sheer Madness

At that juncture, Mr. Virgin was coming back to the office from a lunch break. As soon as he saw the dwarf’s bloodshot eyes, he inquired us what had happened. Nakao san was voluntarily explaining to him the whole thing. After Mr. Virgin understood the situation, he suddenly snatched the book from my raging hand, started leafing with it as if he were a connoisseur, and snuffed, “I know these kinds of books very well, since I’ve read numerous books in my life. Even I can analyze for you all kinds of gods’ names, all historical events, all human evolutions, including Darwin’s theory of evolution, Kant’s categorical imperative, Freud’s method of dream interpretation, and so on and so forth. However, I stopped reading these kinds of books a long time ago. They’re all sheer madness to me. Kaita san, please calm down and don’t be angry with Shogo san, because these particular sorts of books will teach us nothing; they are just a bunch of drivels, so to speak. In short, he is lost unfortunately; you shouldn’t listen to his idle talks.” With that, he rested himself on the chair proudly as if he revealed his vast knowledge and told me that I could have a lunch break right now, nodding arrogantly.

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