Shameful State of Ignorance

I could no longer refrain myself anymore and uttered sharply, “Kaita san, your ignorance makes me abashed. Why don’t you stop embarrassing yourself? Have you ever read any of Strindberg’s works? Do you know that he wrote a number of great plays in his lifetime? Do you have any ideas that a lot of great writers indeed have revered him and admitted he was a genius? Even Knut Hamsun was influenced by him. Have you ever read Hamsun’s work by chance?”


She was chagrined and became angry. When she attempted to defend her ignorance and started blathering, I halted her by yelling at the top of my lungs, “Damn it! Shout fuck your mouth up, woman! Of course, you don’t know of Hamsun and don’t know anything about literature! If you’d had seriously studied literature in your life, you would’ve had never ridiculed mighty Strindberg. You’ve spent your whole life in Japan with comic books, so naturally, nobody notices your shameful state of ignorance. But allow me to open your eyes – if you go to the wide world and start behaving in your usual frivolous fashion, people will ignore you; they will step on your distorted mug as if you were human debris on a side walk.”


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