I Know You Hate Doing Extra Work

Nakao san never had a plan after work. He actually had nothing to do after work; he always stayed at general office until the closing time. Can you believe such a jackass? He willingly took the earliest shift, notwithstanding his home was the furthest from the office among us. It took over two hours for him to arrive at the office. De facto, he never beat the office on time after his time was up. Whenever his finishing time approached, he started making himself busy in spite of fact that there was nothing to do. He reluctantly finished his work around 6:00 p.m. (he had already done a totally unnecessary extra-thirty-minutes-work) and always went to the smoking room. Of course, he still did not go home. After he smoked and relaxed, he came back to the general office and sat beside me in order to strike a conversation as though he were still on the shift. Mr. Virgin regularly left the office around 7:00 p.m. and habitually asked Nakao san to go home soon due to his early shift for a next day. And then Nakao san told me that he would enjoy a final cigarette, and after that he would definitely beat. However, he came back to the general office from the smocking room again, sat right beside me, and asked me if I needed some help. Finally, I finished my work and closed the office; he reluctantly lifted his heavy ass up and walked out the office with me by saying, “Do you know why I stayed with you till the closing time today? Just because I had a hunch that you would be very busy around seven. And my instinct was right as always – you indeed had to copy and bind a number of documents. If I hadn’t been there to help you, you would’ve done extra work, to be sure. I know you hate doing extra work; that’s why I occasionally stay at the office with you in that case you get a lot of work. At any rate, I have to inform you sad news. Shogo san, today was my last day to stay with you till the closing time, for I’ll start going to a gym after work from tomorrow on. I’m planning to begin my new project of building the healthy life up. Henceforward, you should be working harder if you want to avoid doing extra work. Remember, Shogo san, I can’t help you tomorrow!”


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