Extreme Meanness Was Her Virtue!

In the beginning I had a little sympathy for Nishida san, but I would soon realize that she herself was an annoying bitch as well. After a week had elapsed, she always sat right beside me and pestered me, with her conceited talks till the cows come home. She was endlessly telling me how she was admired when she was an university student; telling me that she was a rock singer and often sung at university festivals; telling me that many guys forever chased after her; telling me how countless men constantly crashed on her; telling me how often she broke men’s heart; so on and so forth. She had a dejected look, flat chest, skeleton legs, pressed ass, and disheveled hair. For the love of God, would you please solve the mystery for me that how she could let herself talk about her past as a glorious legend?

The last Japanese cockroach was Kaita san. She had an unkempt short hair, an appallingly big face, and hideous eyes. To cap it all, she was a dwarf. The first time I met her, she was very quiet and behaved like an obedient worker. However, after two weeks had elapsed, she could not refrain from manifesting her evil mien; she had transmogrified herself from a buttoned up colleague into the meanest colleague, that I have ever worked with under the God’s vast sky. All things considered, her malevolent attitudes toward the colleagues are the epitome of Japanese maliciousness. She was born to be as ugly as sin; her jealous of female colleagues were monstrous. I could not remember how many times I had destined to witness her evildoing, which she practiced over the colleagues, without any hesitations, as if extreme meanness was her virtue!

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