This Job Is Extremely Boring and Will Drive You Crazy

There was Nishida san. She actually had no character, except she was a spoiled bitch. The first time I met her, she informed me with an alarming face, “Shogo san, I know you’re new here, but I need to warn you and let you know about some facts, so that you can prepare and get some ideas what you’re being about to face. This job is extremely boring and will drive you crazy, for sure. I’ve already told Ishida san that I would quit the job in two weeks, and he accepted my resignation. I can no longer allow myself to work under the thirty-years old virgin, you know…. He always tries to strike a conversation with me and disturbs me with his insipid jokes. And to cap it all, he bores me stiff in perpetuum. I’ve been working here over two months and reached the limit of my patience. To be earnest with you, I should’ve quit the horrible job long time ago. Two months ago, I was naïve and wanted to be nice to him; therefore, I’ve given him a free rein. And it was a colossal mistake, I admit. He always sits right beside me, and he is constantly pestering me with his ho-hum performance. You know, Shogo san, I can’t sleep well recently, because his boring jokes are on and on intruding into my head every time I try to have a good night sleep. Guess what? His annoying jokes have become my persistent nightmare!”

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