Show off His Infinite Knowledge

There was Nakao san. He was as fat as a sumo wrestler. He always ate two enormous meals at a lunch break. He always told me that he had to eat as much as he could at a lunch time, so that he did not need to eat a huge dinner. According to him, it is not good for us to eat huge dinner; it is good for us to have a huge lunch, so that we can keep on being in a good shape. He always bought two huge meals at the lunch time from a Thai and Japanese restaurants. I always reproached him that it was not good for his health to eat two big meals at all once. Every time I reproached him, I was lectured how to get lose a weight. He would show off his infinite knowledge: “Shogo san, you don’t understand anything about how a human body can work. We’d better eat a huge meal at the lunch time, so that we won’t feel famished in the night. It’s bad for us to eat a huge dinner in the night, but unfortunately, most people don’t know about the simple fact. That’s why so many people are overweight nowadays. If they have some knowledge about losing a weight effectively, many people will be able to keep on being in a good shape without harming their health. As a matter of fact, I know how to lose a weight safely, since I’ve attempted to do it many times. Obviously, you don’t need to lose your weight, Shogo san, because you’re very thin. But if your friends ever need some help for losing their weight with a touch of an expert, I’ll be there for them.” His height was 175 cm and weight was 115 kg. He ate two enormous meals at the lunch time and constantly chewed a mouthful of snacks during the office work. Of course, he obviously knew about his business and what he talked about, didn’t he?


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