It Would Be a Complete Nightmare

In point of fact, it did not take much time for me to understand my colleagues’ characters; on the contrary, they were too much generous and free to show off their meanness from the beginning.

We were five people at the general office: Mr. Virgin, Kaita san, Nakao san, Nishida san, and me. I was shocked to see such unworthy characters gathering at the work environment. Their existences themselves contaminated the work place, so to speak. Here are the brief introductions of my mean colleagues:

First of all, there was my boss; he always garmented with expensive clothes beyond his financial means and constantly had debts. As an eternal virgin, he wanted to show off more than he actually was, because the law firm had a lot of secretaries who occasionally came to the general office to ask our help. If he had a pleasant conversation with one of secretaries, we could not stop him – he was ultimately infatuated and everlastingly talked to us about asking her out for a dinner with an awful grin on his distorted mug. To tell the truth, he had never had good conversations with them. For him, if he exchanged greetings with them or if he talked with them about weather, it would be definitely something. He would say excitedly, “Shogo san, I just had a wonderful conversation with Hoshi san. We talked about autumn is passing soon, and forlorn winter is approaching to us. Gee, what a romantic conversation we had just before! I daresay it’s a bit poetic, isn’t it? Anyway, when I hinted her about changing the season, she smiled at me. I noticed it. It’s a good omen, Shogo san; I’m thinking about inviting her to a state dinner tonight, you know. What do you think? The first date must be at a glamorous restaurant, don’t you think so? Shogo san, please give me your advice.”

Can you imagine if he had such preposterous conversations with one of them three times a day? It would be a complete nightmare; he would become a mighty champion! I was forced to listen to his mambo jumbo all day, and he annoyingly repeated the same old song and dance with a rap movement, dangling his limbs. The worst part was that he sincerely thought that he was exceptionally handsome and cool – he always looked at a pocket mirror and admired his face with a lecherous grin. Pray tell me, what could I do with such a nincompoop like him?

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