Worked with Meanest Bastards

Tani san suddenly switched a language and asked me in English if I could speak well English, since the law firm has many foreign lawyers, and English would be the essential tool to communicate with them. Moreover, she told me that four people were working at the general office right now, but none of them could speak well English, including Ishida san, who pompously proclaimed to be able to speak five different languages, notwithstanding in all his life he had been only to America for two months. As a result, she was looking for a person who spoke well English.

After I demonstrated my English, they become speechless and asked me to come to the office the next Monday to start working. It was quickly settled as if devil intentionally put me into the horrendous pit.

If I had known that I would have worked with meanest bastards walking on two legs under the sun, I would have free from doubt declined the offer. However, I had no idea at that moment that I would allow myself to be jumping into the center of the abominable fire.

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