The Opprobrious Misadventure

IMG_8438I perfectly understand when Jorgito said that it was impossible for him to hold it. It is indeed true; it is just impossible, because when you get UC attack, you cannot control your bowel movement; you can do only one thing, surrender. I remember when I got a terrible UC attack and wrote to let Gerardo know about the opprobrious misadventure. That moment, Jorgito was as healthy as a spring chicken and had not had ulcerative colitis yet. Gerardo was worried about his stomach then:

Dear friend,

How do you feel about your stomach? I hope it does not distract you too much. I went to the hospital yesterday. The doctor told me that my intestine has inflammation that causes the rectal bleeding – that is why I cannot hold shit. That is the reason for going to a bathroom countless times a day, as if I were not a human being but an animal. And also he told me that there has not been discovered the reason yet that why ulcerative colitis occurs, where it comes from, and how to cure it. Therefore, he cannot cure the illness completely, but I can keep my stomach in good condition with medicines. Furthermore, my doctor told me that I will have to see him frequently, and perhaps I will have to keep on taking medicines for next ten years. I suppose that I should see if medicines can relieve the inflammation or if they can keep good condition on my stomach.


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