The Same Old Song and Dance

IMG_8438“Shogo, remember when we had a job, we constantly had ulcerative colitis attack. We had to go to a fucking bathroom over six times a day. It was horrendous. I know every doctor says they don’t know the cause of illness, but I’m pretty sure that stress makes our illness worse. Look, amigo, I’m now free as a lord and work for myself, and you, too, you’re free and doing what you love every day. And our digestions are getting better. What do you think?”

“I totally agree with you, amigo,” I am nodding contemplatively. “In Japan, too, every doctor told me the same old song and dance that they don’t know why and how I got ulcerative colitis at the first place. But I’m sure, it’s because of stress.”

He drinks a bottle of coke and is looking at the outside painfully for seconds. And then he lets in, “Shogo, I would like to share my worst experiences of ulcerative colitis attacks with you. Do you remember that we were in Acapulco four years ago when I first got UC attack? It was the second nights. When we came back to the house from the night club, everyone was so tired and went to beds to sleep right away. I was so tired too, but I felt strange sensation on my stomach. I tried to ignore it and fall asleep. After thirty minutes passed, I suddenly wanted to go to a bathroom. I tried to get up and lift my ass carefully, but it was too late, brother. I couldn’t hold shit, and it scattered all over the bed. It was so humiliating, you know – I was helpless. I just couldn’t hold it. My stomach totally lost control. It was a fucking nightmare!”


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