I Was Obsessed with Writing

liberation.jpgI thought that I must liberate myself from where I do not want to belong and what I do not want to become all by myself. I thought that nobody could help me to become liberated, and nobody could help me to become who I truly am, because I thought that it was my own fight and thought that I must overcome my weakness by myself. I have to confess that I underestimated my friends and could not know that my friends have the power to change my life. I had struggled in vain for writing for over nine years, since I was too blind to be able to see the truth: I was obsessed with writing. When I realized that the process of liberation from my doubts needed the final touch, sharing my mission with my friends, everything became crystal clear to me, and I have become a writer. I have learned from them that I do not have to be alone to fight for my life. Now I have the invincible alliances to fight for my life, and I am glad to have them along to the road as I follow my destiny.

2 thoughts on “I Was Obsessed with Writing

  1. That’s beautiful. I’m happy you have people who support and love you. I’ve been trying to write stories for a few years myself, and it’s gotten me nowhere. Maybe things will get better for me.

    • Thanks. It is so difficult for being in the book business nowadays. Even if you can write your books, there is no guarantee for you to find a publisher. Likewise, I finished writing two books almost six years ago, and I have still not found any agents to advocate my books. And since then, I have been trying to write my third book, but I am stuck; I cannot write. Anyway, I wish all the best for you in this awesome year!

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