Surrender to the Fate

liberation.jpgLife is a full of surprises if one takes a risk to leap into unknown adventures. I had not expected anything and had not foreseen anything about what the Mexican odyssey would become when I decided to embark upon it and decided to surrender to the fate. My life has dramatically changed since I began knocking about the world nine years ago – I met Gerardo, Ramon, and Jorgito during the first world odyssey. After nine years of friendship, they are the ones, who are willing to succor me to become who I truly am and relentlessly encourage me to get started on my mission as a writer. When I think about it, I cannot help myself but smile at life.

In all my life, a great deal of people admires our friendship and ask me how we have epitomized the secret harmony of friendship. Many people say, “It is difficult to find a good friend nowadays and our friendship is miracle.” I venture to say that we are destined to be friends, since our friendship has not required any efforts to build up; our friendship has naturally developed as though it were written by invisible ink. Above all, we have trusted each other with all our hearts from the beginning. This sort of candid trust does not happen randomly unless it is predestined. And I hereby acknowledge triumphantly that I am proud to have Gerardo, Ramon, and Jorgito as my best friends. I thank God every day for sending them into my life.

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