I Am Liberated

liberation.jpgHe drank the bottle of water to cool down his throat, “I’ve started understanding what you always tell me, and I really think you are right,” he said sincerely, “you always say money isn’t important; the important thing is that one has to do what his heart desires every day. I envy you, because you become happier and happier each day despite the fact that you haven’t earned any money. Take Jorge, too. He doesn’t earn money as he used to do, but he definitely looks happier than when he was a slave. I’m earning more money than both of you together, but I am dissatisfied with my life. I have no enthusiasm for what I’m doing, but only dreary feelings for my job every morning. I am colorless in my heart. Look at you, Shogo, you have nothing. You don’t have any resources, but you are the happiest man alive, who I’ve ever seen under the sun. I really think the reason for your happiness is that you’re doing what your heart desires every single day. I hope someday that I can find what I want do for the rest of my life with the same zeal as you.”


“You know, I truly think the most essential thing in one’s life is having real friends. I believe it from the bottom of heart, my friend. Because of Ramon, Jorgito, and you, I am liberated.”

“It’s true, it’s so true, my friend.”


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