Today Is the Lucky Day for You

LiberationAfter I enjoyed wandering the streets of Hollywood, joining the Hollywood land tour, and floating the downstream of Hollywood night life, I finally decided to go back to the hotel. While I was riding a subway, suddenly, I felt famished, and without knowing where I was, I just got off it. It was the Vermont/Beverly Station. After eating dinner, I came back to the station again to take a subway. There was a young man, who looked like a teenager standing at the entrance of the subway station as large as life. He obstinately blocked my way as a mule and accosted me for my help. He said with a frantic expression on his face, “Mister, could you do me a huge favor? Please, I really need your help.”

I was a bit hesitant, but his desperate face won my heart. And I uttered, “Depend on what kind of favor you are asking me for, young man.”

“It’s very simple, sir. I just want you to give this subway ticket to the girl, who is sitting on the bench down the stairs, waiting for a subway. I am very shy. Please do it for me, sir.”

I looked at the ticket on which was written his name and mobile phone number. And I replied affably, “That’s it, young man? You just want me to give it to her down there?”

“Yes, sir. I’m very shy, but I like her so much. Could you do it for me, sir?”

“You are making your wish precisely to the right person. Today is the lucky day for you, young man. Your wish is just granted!” I bellowed high and mighty and bolted to the down stairs.

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