I Did Not Want to Hurt His Feelings.

liberation.jpgMy mood was getting better, and the soaring sense of happiness almost reached the peak. At first, I did not recognize the reason for my sudden high spirit, but I gradually realized why I was in the cheerful mood: language. I really enjoyed staying in Mexico City and loved it there; however, one thing always bothered me, and I was occasionally frustrated by it: communication. The problem was that I could not speak Spanish very well, so naturally it was difficult for me to communicate with Mexicans, except my friends who speak fairly well in English. I had been often vexed because I could not express myself wholly in the daily life. But here I was as a recluse, who had not talked to anyone and had just mediated on his own thoughts for a long time, and who suddenly became talkative. I let myself talk unrestrictedly to strangers whom I fancied about anything under the sun.

I was thinking about the last meeting with Jorgito, since I did not have enough courage to tell him the reason why I want to go back to Vancouver. I did not want to hurt his feelings. However, I have pondered over it again and come to the conclusion: even if I make him disappointed, I should tell him the truth, since he is my best friend, and he will eventually understand it. When I go back to Mexico City, I will tell Jorgito that I want to go back to Vancouver, because I love everything there, including its landscape, and above all, I love speaking English. Moreover, I will tell Jorgito and Gerardo about my discovery: Americans are so generous and are friendly people.

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