You Have Everything Here

LiberationI nodded and said, “Fire it away!”

“You know, Shogo, as I told you, you have everything here in Mexico. You have good friends to spend wonderful times with, you have the office to write, have the apartment to sleep, have the nice climate to enjoy the sun, and have a number of cafés near your apartment to read books, etc. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING HERE, Shogo! Why do you want to go back to Vancouver? Do you have good friends there who help you when you’re in a dire predicament? Here you have Ramon, Gerardo, and me. We always help you when you are in trouble, every possible way we can. Also, I really think Andrea, Luis, Eric, Gabriel, and Daniel will help you when you have problems. Even stupid Leticia will help you.”

I was stirred deeply by his affectionate words and tried to prevent tears from gushing down. And a brief silence, I stammered, “Yes, yes. You’re right about… everything, my friend. Despite everything, I want to go back to Vancouver…which I can’t explain to you correctly. But I’ll consider your suggestion with pleasure.”

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