I Trust You With All My Heart

liberation.jpgI smiled at his keenness and replied, “Please calm down, Jorgito. You’re too fast thinking about finding a publisher, because I’ve just written only half of the book and have no idea how long I’m going to take more to finish writing the rest of chapters. Anyway, thank you very much. When the time comes, I’ll happily ask you to do me a huge favor and find a publisher. Also, as you know, I trust you with all my heart.”

“Of course, I’ll do everything for you to find a publisher. I have a strong hunch that you’ll be a very successful writer. It’s actually become stronger and stronger, day by day. Anyway, it’s not so bad idea for me to check some publishers early, so that we can prepare for the critical day, eh?”

“Ha-ha-ha…. Hope the day will be coming soon.”


“Are you still planning to go back to Vancouver? Do you still want to live there, Shogo?”

I was surprised at his sudden question and blathered, “Why in the heaven’s name are you asking me about it? Of course, I want to go back to Vancouver someday. It’s one of my dreams, you know.”

“I’m just thinking why you want to go back to Vancouver because you have everything here. I’ve been wondering if you have good friends there who always help you when you are in troubles.”

“I have some friends there, but of course, not like you, Gerardo, and Ramon. They are more like acquaintances.”

“I thought so, I thought so,” he nodded thoughtfully. “Shogo, just consider what I’m going to say, okay?”

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