Japan Is Not Like Mexico

liberation.jpgHe was perplexed with my apprehension, “Why? You are in Mexico, so they have to tell your pin number over the phone. Do you really think that they won’t let you know about your pin number over the phone and will make you to come back to Japan because of the stupid pin number? I don’t think so, my friend.”


“I really want to believe that you are right about it for my sake. But Japan is not like Mexico; Japanese are not Mexicans, which mean that Japanese are not human beings; they are a bunch of robots. Unfortunately, they don’t have any compassion left. They don’t do their job with feelings; they do their job according to what a company manual tells them. If it says: ‘Do not tell pin number to customers over the phone in any sorts of circumstances.’ They won’t tell me anything. They’ll simply obey it like a blind soldier. On top of it all, they are incurably inflexible people. They don’t care about if I have to come back to Japan because of the fucking pin number; they only care about what a company manual says. The worst part is that they’ll justify their cold-blooded action and blame it on the security system.”

“I think you’re exaggerating Japanese attitudes, since you’re clearly disturbed right now. Believe me, Shogo, if you call your bank in Japan to tell your situation candidly, everything will be okay. I don’t know about Japan, but if I am in the same situation in a foreign country as you are, a Mexican bank will let me know about my pin number over the phone. They’ll understand it is impossible for me to stop everything suddenly to go back to Mexico, and also they’ll be really concerned about my situation, namely, without money in a foreign land – they’ll soon realize it’s urgent. Anyway, if you need more money, just let me know, okay?”

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