The Simplest Thing Becomes Complicated in Japan

liberation.jpgIn this panic-stricken condition, I went to the office to ask Gerardo’s help. He was expecting me when I entered the office because I had sent the message to him. He exclaimed, “Tell me for God’s sake, how come you forgot your pin number?”

“Because I hadn’t used the bank card for a long time. As I told you, I had been treated over abundantly in Playa Del Carmen, so I naturally didn’t need to withdraw cash. Besides, I’ve been so absorbed in writing heart and soul; therefore, I forgot everything, including my fucking pin number!”

“Ha-ha-ha, idiot! I can’t believe such an asshole! You forgot your pin number? Are you sure? It’s simply unbelievable,” he was laughing.


“Shogo, pay attention and just listen to me. Don’t worry about it and just calm down. I called Jorge, and we discussed your situation. Of course, we’ll help you. Meanwhile you try to fix your problem, we’ll lend you money. Just try to call Japan tomorrow, okay?”

“Thanks, my friend. I’ve already called Jorgito to ask for his help as well.”

“Shogo, you still look anxious. Don’t worry, you’ll soon solve out the problem. Sit down here, please. Why don’t you smoke with me and relax?”

I let him light a cigarette for me. And then I said agitatedly, “But, my friend, you don’t know about fucking Japan. Japanese bastards won’t let me know about my pin number over the phone. The simplest thing becomes complicated in Japan. The thing isn’t as easy as you think, my friend. You’ll see.”

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