I Was So Blind And Deaf By Happiness

LiberationWhile I was in the blissful spell and in the fecund period, the unforeseen catastrophe set foot in my immaculate life. One day I realized I had a little cash left in my suitcase; therefore, I decided to go to the bank to withdraw some cash for the next several weeks. But alas, when I faced ATM machine, I completely had no idea what my pin number was. I pushed wrong numbers three times in a row. I racked my brain to try to remember what my pin number was, but it was beyond my memory. I went outside to smoke in order to calm myself down. Suddenly, the four digit numbers popped up into my mind from out of the blue. They seemed plausible to me. I had been pondering the number over and over and come to the conclusion: this was the one. I was enraptured because I had miraculously redeemed my pin number from a void. I thought that it was God who sent one of His angels to whisper my pin number to my right ear; otherwise, I couldn’t explain a thing. “It is undoubtedly God’s work,” I nodded triumphantly.

I entered the bank again with eternal benediction on my lips in order to try to withdraw some cash. When I pushed the divine four digit numbers, the ATM display showed me that the number was wrong. I tried to push the same numbers again with trust, but the same result. My faith started shaking a wee bit, but I insisted on pushing the same numbers again, since it was God who revealed to me the pin number. I looked toward the heaven with beseeching eyes and said under my breath, “Father, I believe unto thee.” And then I pushed the pin number with all my willpower. The display showed me that the card number does not exist. It is invalid.

I did not comprehend the whole thing and bolted out of the bank in a panic-stricken predicament. An ominous concept suddenly assailed into my head. It was Satan. In my blissful mood, I could not distinguish God from Satan because I was so blind and deaf by happiness. It was not God, but it was Satan who sent one of his imps to whisper the wrong pin number to my left ear! While I was on my way to the apartment, I was talking to myself aloud, “Fucking Satan! Have you tricked on me with your cunnings? It’s not a decent thing to do, is it? You apparently don’t know what you’re doing! I’ll break your neck atrociously! Do you hear me, fucking Satan! Just wait for me around the corner, I’ll teach you!” With that, I frenziedly brandished my fist above my head and smashed the air with brute force as if I saw Satan before my eyes. And then I walked to the apartment with dismay. I had pretty well lost my equilibrium.

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