God Smiled upon My Life

LiberationA week has elapsed quickly like a flash since I came back to Mexico City. Everything has been proceeding in a satisfied fashion. I have continued writing with peace of mind. Gerardo and Jorgito are so excited about the progress of my book each day and enthusiastically say to me, “I really looking forward to reading your book. Shogo, don’t be lazy! You don’t need repose; you ought to write every single minute you have and ought to finish it as soon as possible, okay?”

The weather has been getting mild, and the mighty sun has started appearing on the sky every day as if God smiled upon my life. I have been nourished good and proper and have sauntered around the park with calmness at my heart. In my night perambulation, twinkling stars are above me with serene music as though angels were singing for me. My life is just getting perfect.