She Was So Lonely

liberation.jpgHe lit a cigarette afresh and resumed, “It was a Thursday night when we were supposed to go out together. I came back to the apartment about 6:00 p.m. with high expectations. She was here to do some work in her room, so I knocked on her door determinedly. She opened the door with a serious face. We had talked about everything under the sun almost for two hours. She told me that she was so lonely because she is alone. Moreover, she confessed me that she likes me very much and wanted to ask me out, but when she saw on Facebook that I am dating with Jessica, she changed her mind because she didn’t want to interfere with our relationship. And she didn’t want to make Jessica jealous. When I heard these words, I was melting. I thought Andrea was so pure, and I had to take care of her at any cost. My friend, you don’t know I was almost ready to break up with Jessica. What is more, she told me that she couldn’t go out with me because of Jessica. She didn’t want to hurt Jessica’s feelings. In the night, I was seriously thinking that if I should break up with Jessica for her, and I was ecstatically imagining that Andrea and I are strolling around Condesa, arm in arm. Suddenly, I heard an ominous noise; it was about 1:00 a.m. She came back to the apartment with a guy, can you beat it? I couldn’t see who he was because I was in my room. Besides, I refused to see the bastard’s face. I couldn’t sleep and kept on thinking what she had told me. I couldn’t believe that she was lying to me face to face. I guess it was around 4:00 a.m. that finally that bastard left the apartment. Shogo, you know what I thought in anguish all night?”

“Of course, I know you, man. It must’ve been a tough night for you.”

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