Only Concerned About Yourself

liberation.jpgHe made a clean breast of his agony with a trembling voice, “You know, Shogo, after the New Year, I saw her being lonely by herself in the living room. My heart was touched by her poignant expression, since I loved her dearly. Hence, I asked her what made her so sad. She told me that she was broken up with her boyfriend, and she was feeling so sad and lonely. You know, Shogo, I was so sorry for her. Her confession stirred my heart profoundly. So, I invited her to dinner, and she accepted it immediately. Remember when I called you, I was looking forward to the dinner with heart a full of love? Besides, I needed your advice. You’re my best friend, and I trust you more than anyone else. But alas, you, cynical son of bitch, you tried to hang up, because it was a roaming call, and you thought it was expensive. How could you try to hang up on your friend, who desperately needed your consolation and help? Above all, I was dying to share my excitement with someone! Sometimes you make me think you are a heartless son of bitch and make me feel you are only concerned about yourself anyway.”