I’m Not in Love with Her

liberation.jpgHe lit a cigarette and puffed in the air. And he carried on, “Of course, you have to understand me, Shogo. I was so hot and lewd. I simply couldn’t control my lust and only focused on my goal: penetrate her vagina with my wild stallion. Anyway, it’s turned out very well. I’m beginning to like her. But I think our relationship isn’t going to be beyond a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship because I have no intention of marrying her. As I told you before, I’m not in love with her, but I just want to enjoy having a good lay occasionally and spend a nice time together – that’s all, my friend. I always take precautions before having sex with her, because I don’t need such shit, namely, ‘I am pregnant.’ I don’t accept such crap, because I am still twenty-six years old, and I’m still looking for the right person. Obviously, she is not the one.”

“How about Andrea?” I inquired, “you are supposedly madly in love with her. You told me she broke up with her boyfriend after the New Year. Besides, you told me that you had an earnest conversation with her and asked my help. So what happened?”

“Are you talking about the slut?” he shouted emotionally.

His vehement tone took my breath away. And I exclaimed, “Idiot, why are you calling her slut? She is your sweetheart. And I think she is a reasonable person.”


“Shogo, you have to know I was ready to break up with Jessica for her. You know, I loved her so much and thought she was different from modern women. I thought she had integrity and a pure heart.”

“Idiot, why are you talking past tense? Besides, what are you implying?”

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