You’re Just A Mad As A Hatter

liberation.jpgA bright smile spread over his face, and he rambled on, “What nonsense are you talking about? Are you nuts? Why the hell are you considering changing my name? Don’t change it. I’ve always told you that I want to be in your book. Use my real name: Gerardo Veloz. What a great name I have!”

I was smiling at his jocularity. And then I admonished, “But, Gerardo, you should know I’ve been writing the truth. I mean I’ve been writing everything about you. Good points and bad points as well. Besides, I guess I’ve touched your private life. Do you really want to expose your private life so nakedly?”

“I don’t care about my private life or anything because I have nothing to hide. You must use my real name. When you told me that you started writing the book, Jorge and I discussed about it. He was so delighted to hear that you’ve gotten started and said he is truly honored that his name is in your book. He wants you to use his real name as well. If you change his name, I suppose he’ll kill you, ha-ha-ha.”

“As you wish, crazy brothers, ha-ha-ha. Anyway, how have you been? Everything is okay with you?”


“Shogo, as I told you, Jessica is my girlfriend now. I’m not in love with her, but I’m enjoying spending the quality of time with her.”

“But you said she is very young, so you didn’t want to have a relationship with her. You just wanted to fuck her, but didn’t want to be her boyfriend. So, what happened?”

“Yes, my initial motive was just fucking her. So, I tried to have sex with her three times in a row. We kissed and touched each other; actually, we did everything aside from doing the real thing, you know what I’m talking about, of course. Whenever I tried to penetrate her private spot, she started guarding it as if it were precious jewel and hurled stupid words at me, such as we are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet; she wants to be my girlfriend, if I really love her, and so on and so forth and such a womanish crap. One day I became so hot and couldn’t control my stallion. Thus, I said ‘Yes’ to her aloud. I said I want to be her boyfriend. I even went further to say de facto I always wanted to be her boyfriend, but I was afraid to ask her because I was not sure that she feels the same way as I do.”

Here I could not refrain from bursting out laughing because he told me about all this crap with a solemn face. And I emitted, “You, lecherous bastard! You’re just a mad as a hatter, ha-ha-ha.”

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