I Can’t Accept Your Offer

I lit a cigarette and claimed deliriously, “Ramon, it’s time for me to perform my duty! I’ve been constantly keeping my eyes on that Argentinean vagina since coming here. She is so beautiful. Can you see that vagina over there – she has chestnut brown hair, green eyes, moderate teats, and a lascivious ass. I want to dance with her right now if you don’t mind?”

He guffawed mirthfully and announced delightedly, “Bitch, do you remember I’ve told you that I have a stunning present for you? Tonight I want you to get laid. I want you to fuck her with your heart’s content. I’m paying for you. Go fuck her, bitch!”

I was astonished by his offer and driveled, “But, Ramon, it’s too expensive. I can’t accept your offer because it’s too much, and you’ve already been too generous to me.”

“Stop talking nonsense, bitch. Not me, but you give me joy visiting us. This is my way of showing my appreciation for your friendship. Now just enjoy fucking such a beautiful cunt, okay? Give her your best shot!”

I was touched by his convivial gesture. It was silly though, hot tears were appearing in my eyes, and I was blubbering like a happy moonstruck, “Thanks, thanks, Ramon, I humbly accept your offer and shall fuck her with my best sexual ability, I promise you, my friend!”

“Ha-ha-ha. You have an hour to fuck her. Plenty of time to perform, eh? I’m waiting for you here. Enjoy the most and let your aggressive stallion release at your pleasure, bitch!”

When I came back to the table after the intense fucking fiesta with the Argentina vagina, he asked impatiently, “How was it? Did you enjoy fucking her?”

I gave him a satisfied smile and replied dreamily, “What a good lay I just gave her!”

He burst out laughing, holding his belly and shouted jubilantly, “Fucking Shogo! That’s why I am fond of you exceedingly. I am so glad you enjoyed it.”

A brief pause. He composed himself and uttered, “You know, bitch, I’m feeling you’ll eventually love Mexico more than Canada.”

“Why on earth do you think I’ll choose Mexico over my beloved Vancouver?”

“My instinct keeps telling me. You’ll see, bitch, you’ll end up becoming a Mexican citizen, ha- ha-ha.”

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