I Was Utterly Captivated by Her

It was around 11:00 p.m. when we sailed into Chilly Willys. The place was a full of drunken people shouting at their top of lungs happily. Many sexy strippers were parading around, shaking their asses lasciviously. Ramon found a table right beside the main dance stage, so that we could observe them from an agreeable angle.

He ordered our drinks and said reminiscently, “Bitch, remember our five-consecutive-nights orgy at the Men’s Club? I tell you, it was the greatest time I’ve spent at the strip club in my entire pimp life. I was so happy and drank too much. And I confess your Hungarian cunt is the most mesmerizing stripper whom I’ve ever seen in my entire pimp life. Oh, man, I still can’t believe in her unearthly beauty. I’ve invaded a great deal of strip clubs around the world and even invaded Las Vegas, but I’ve never found such beauty. Trust me; your Hungarian cunt is the most gorgeous stripper in the world. You are fucking lucky, man, ha-ha-ha.”

“Yes, she was ravishingly beautiful. Remember I danced with her twelve songs in a row because I simply couldn’t stop dancing with her? I was utterly captivated by her, ha-ha-ha. It was the best dance I’ve ever performed at strip clubs around the world in my life. Yap, I totally agree with you: she is the most enthralling stripper walking on two legs under the sun!”

He was shaking his heads violently with his right hand on his temple, “Fucking Shogo! I never forget that experience. Besides, her sister, oh, man, she was so gorgeous, too! I danced with her, remember? You can’t believe how I touched her ass, teats, and kissed her whole body vigorously. I danced with her like a reckless savage – it was barbarian dancing, believe me, ha- ha-ha.”

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