Please Behave Decently

We discussed about what she has told us over the dinner.

I prattled excitedly, “Can you beat it? She’s made a Japanese friend in Vancouver. It’s a strange coincidence. Likewise, we became friends in Vancouver. Over all, she loves Vancouver!”

“Calm down, bitch. Of course, everyone loves Vancouver, which is the one of the fucking most amazing cities in the world. In fact, someday I myself would love to live in Vancouver again. As a matter of fact, I’ve considered getting a job there in five years time.”

“Yeah, it’ll be awesome, Ramon. I’ll try to be there in five years, so that we can resume our old crazy lives together again.”

“Shogo, please don’t encourage him. He has a good job here, and it might be difficult for him to find a job and support a family there. I’ve never been there, so naturally, I want to visit there someday, but living there is a totally different matter.”

“Bitch, I don’t care what she’ll fucking say, or even if she refuses my idea flatly. I hereby swear in the name of Virgin Mary, I’ll live in Vancouver at any costs to resume my old crazy adventures with you, amen!” he made the sign of cross over himself.

“Stop Ramon! Please behave decently. You’re talking so loud. Everyone is watching us. Please be civilized!” she was getting peeved.

“Who cares?” he guffawed.

“Shogo, when are you planning to marry? Don’t you want to marry?” she suddenly asked.

“I don’t want to marry right now. In fact, I can’t think about it, because I’m really focused on writing – I can’t think about anything else other than writing. When I am recognized as a writer, I might start thinking about it. Just first things first, you know.”

“Shogo, I understand what you’re talking about, but you should merry someday because marriage is the most blissful thing in one’s life. Don’t you think so, Ramon?” she mockingly glanced at him.

He was embarrassed at her remark and jabbered, “Bitch, don’t believe what she said. Marriage is hell, I tell you. So, please don’t marry, but enjoy your single life as long as you can. Marriage is a death sentence, ha-ha-ha.”

“Ramon! Please stop talking in this way and never say marriage is hell. Understood?” she reproved.

“Anyway, while I lived in Vancouver, I never saw Mexicans and Japanese having a good relationship with each other, aside from my own case. Do you believe the strange chemistry streams down between Mexicans and Japanese, as she put it?” I brought it up again.

“I believe Mexicans and Japanese are attracted to each other. Just look at you, Shogo. The answer can be found easily in your life. You have many good friends in Mexico, for instance, Ramon, Gerardo, Jorge, etc.,” she said.

“Maybe so, but the strange thing is that I have never met any single Japanese bird who has a Mexican friend in Japan anyway.”

“By the way, Shogo, you have to know about Ramon’s weird way of choosing friends. You’ve known him for years and known his friends as well. As you know, Ramon doesn’t have any normal friends, I mean decent friends. He only has crazy friends like Henri. I am sure that Henri is the craziest man I’ve ever met in my life. Ramon is somehow attracted to eccentric people all the time. I’ve thought you are a very nice person, and your heart is so pure. However, when I think you are the most special friend for him, and Ramon and you have been getting along with each other famously for years, I can’t help but ask myself the question, ‘Might Shogo be crazier than Henri?’ I’ve started suspecting that you behave as presently as possible when I am around with you, but when you and Ramon are alone, you somehow change your personality and start showing your true colors. Am I right, Shogo?” she was laughing.

“Don’t answer the stupid question, bitch! Also, don’t listen to her either because she’s fucking drunk. Please forgive her, ha-ha-ha.”

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