The Opportunity to Open My Invisible Wings

He was chuckling loftily and announced, “Bitch, we should go to Fifth Avenue right now because Patricia is waiting for us. We’ll have a dinner with her, and then we can be free, since she is going out with her sister tonight. Besides, she promised me that we can go out by ourselves tonight. Thank God, give me the opportunity to open my invisible wings again, ha-ha-ha. I’m planning to go to Chilly Willys to celebrate on you getting started. What do you think, bitch? Ha-ha-ha.”

When we marched on Fifth Avenue, Patricia had been waiting for us. She reproached, “Ramon, you are always late when you are with friends. You always come before the time to wait for me when you are alone, but if you are with Shogo or Henri, you’ll behave like a naughty child.”

He was chagrined and said nothing.

She continued, “Shogo, you should know this: Ramon never uses swear words or obscene words. He never uses any foul language when we are alone or with my family, but when he is with you or Henri, he becomes a totally different person. I think when he is with you, his language gets worse. He always calls you, bitch. The worst part is that fucking will become his only adjective. He never talks to you without uttering awful words, such as fucking bitch, fucking great, fucking beautiful place, fucking awesome, fucking expensive, and so on. Ramon, you should stop talking like that because I feel so humiliated! I sometimes think he is still like a child.”

He kept mum obstinately and uttered as if he were deaf, “Let’s go to eat something! I know a nice restaurant that serves delicious fish and steak.”

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