It Isn’t Your Life Obviously

His forever sympathetic attitude toward me touched my heart defenselessly. After the brief silence, I expressed my feelings with tears in my eyes, “Thanks, thanks, Ramon, always concerned about my circumstances. I am just happy to write every single day, so naturally, I’ve forgotten about my economic situation. I’ve never thought about money seriously in my life – I was born to be an economical dope, so to speak. I’ve always focused on one thing only, what I can achieve today. For me, I never think about the future, or I should say, tomorrow. I always think about today, nothing more and nothing less, my friend. Day by day is enough for me. But I suppose you are right about it. I should start considering about how to economize the daily expenses; otherwise, I’ll have to go back to purgatory.”

He was beaming, “Ha-ha-ha, bitch, don’t thank me for anything. You are my best friend, and it is my duty to support you till you publish the book. However, you must work harder to achieve your goal this year, because if you don’t, the inferno is waiting for you to suck your life unmercifully. You must avoid going back to Japan with all your might. All joking aside, you have nothing to do in Japan and nothing common whatsoever with Japanese. If you go back there, they’ll destroy your potency and uniqueness. You must protect your unearthly intelligence and extraordinary personality from being ruined by participating in hectic daily Japanese activities. It isn’t your life obviously; you have a higher thing to achieve, namely, distributing the truth around the world. Let Japanese continue their dreary routine till they become skeletons, but not for you, okay? In order to avoid the worst situation, you must write, write, write, every day. You must finish writing your book as soon as possible. Once you complete the book, everything will be ducky with you, I promise. Thus, just write, bitch!”

“Thanks for encouraging me all the time, Ramon. However, you should know the reality, and I have to open your eyes: I am a tyro. I’ve just started writing – on top of it all, this book is my first earnest effort. I am not sure whether I am writing total nonsense or something good to offer the world.”

“Stop talking hogwash and underestimating yourself!” he retorted, “it’s impossible for you to write mumbo jumbo, but you can write only a first-rate book which contains human emotions and the truth. You said you’ve just started writing – that is completely wrong, Shogo, I tell you. Listen to me, you’ve constantly written books in your head in all your life, but you’ve never written on a paper – that’s all. You’ve always been a writer although you haven’t published any books yet. I guess you know about it subconsciously. As I’ve told you a million times, it is just matter of time, once you finish writing your first book, you’ll be recognized as quick as a lightning, since you’ve written the book from your heart. Besides, you can’t stop knocking down book after book, since writing is in your blood.”


“I bet you win.”


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