I Am A New Man In Toto.

From that day on, my life dramatically changed for the better, and I have felt as though I were reborn again with a dauntless heart: I am a new man in toto. I wake up as fresh as daisy every morning full of enthusiasm. The main thing is that I have a prodigious purpose to accomplish every single day.

I have never been so happy and contented in my life; I have felt that the angels of heaven smiling upon my life all in all. I wake up at nine sharp every morning as fresh as Dionysius and jump up from the bed like a jubilant frog, without a hysterical alarm clock or Gerardo’s loud fart, so to speak, eat a breakfast tranquilly, go to Starbucks near the entrance of Fifth Avenue to have a morning coffee, so I can be relaxed to muse on my daily task, like Don Quixote concocting his knight errand. I go to Mamita Beach to read my favorite books to warm up myself as a Trojan before fighting for his belief, and I contemplate God’s blue horizon as serenely as Apollo. I amble on Fifth Avenue as free as a jubilant beggar in order to find a cheap place to eat lunch, go to the other Starbucks in order to write some pages as grave as Dostoevsky, join Ramon and Patricia to eat a huge dinner as if I were a giant, and contentedly saunter on Fifth Avenue again with them, since the night of Fifth Avenue makes a different impression on me.

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