I just Have to Surrender to My Heart.

Sometimes we cannot explain how a certain thing occurs in our lives. Usually, it is a most crucial thing, which you have fervently craved your entire life. You cry, scream, gibber, pray, and curse, but it never budges. Out of desperation, you swear that you will abandon your faith in Almighty God and will forever turn your back on Him while making the silliest defiant expression on your face. But it is not enough. In order to show your everlasting agony and disappointment with Him, you start pulling your hair out hysterically, dance sacrilegiously, and spit up to the heavens insolently, but it still does not budge a wee bit. It has become beyond your comprehension; you become dispirited to the point of giving it up – that moment, the thing somehow befalls upon you out of the blue.

It is easier than I thought, because I do not need to force myself; I just have to surrender to my heart. It was eleventh of January; I was ambling on the Fifth Avenue in the sun as fresh as a baby god, singing a French song, β€œla-la-la-la-la!” I did not understand what made me elated in this morning, but the essential thing was that I was actually high spirited. In this exuberant mood, I went to Mamita Beach to read a book and enjoy looking at the horizon with the sound of the calm sea and the mighty sun. When I came to Mamita Beach, there had been already a bunch of beautiful women getting tanned, and a blazing sunshine was bathing them. The sight of them made my eyes water, and I thanked God ardently for sustaining and for my being alive to witness this phenomenon. When I saw a vacant spot right beside a ravishing woman sunbathing in the sun, I swiftly dove onto the white sand right next to her.

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