Change My Life for the Better

He fixed tequila with ice and suggested, “Shogo, why don’t you start finding a job here? I guess it is easy for you to find a job here because here has a lot of tourists, so naturally most people speak English. You don’t need to speak Spanish if you don’t want. As you know, Ramon wants you to stay at his apartment until you complete your book, and longer is better for him, I guess, ha-ha-ha. It might be good idea for you to take a part-time job in the morning, and you’ll have all your time in afternoon to write. You know, Patricia is starting to look for a job next week, so she can help you to find a job. I just thought so.”

I lit a cigarette and puffed in the air.

“Thanks for giving me advice,” I replied deliberately, “however, Henri, I simply can’t have a job right now, because I’ve conceived great ideas for my book and intended to force myself to start writing it next week. Writing a book is a gigantic task for me, and I want to concentrate only on my writing while I have time to do it. I have no ambition in my life whatsoever, except being a writer. I really don’t think I can do both – taking a job and writing a book – simultaneously. If I want to be a writer, I have no choice; I must spend all my time dedicating to a single task: writing. Also, I really want to change my life for the better.”

“I always admire your resolution for being a writer. Ramon always tells me that you have a talent, and everyone knows of your ability of writing. He also tells me that it’s just a matter of time, and once you get started writing a book, you’ll knock down a number of books. He has the unshakable faith in you as a writer and firmly believes you’ll make him proud of being your best friend. Shogo, you know, you have a great strength inside you, in your heart. You have an unflinching heart that is your great strength – that is why people always believe in you. Think about it, you haven’t written any single book for nine years, but your faith in yourself as a writer has never declined; it has somehow skyrocketed, day by day. How come? Nobody can do that, Shogo.”

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