Enjoy Life Indefinitely

One day I talked to Ramon about him, “Henri is a bewildering guy. He is extremely generous and always insists to pay for everything for me whenever we hang around. I am wondering if he is rich, or if he is an extraordinarily generous and friendly person. You know, Ramon, I am just curious if he acts benevolently toward everybody.”

“Ha-ha-ha, bitch. Henri has a good job and earns five thousand Euros per month in Paris. Mexican pesos are nothing when comparing to Euros – that’s why he always spends money freely and goes to Chilly Willys to fuck whores. And on top of it all, this is his vacation; therefore, he wants to enjoy this time more than usual. Also, he likes you as a friend and admires your determination to be a writer. He always tells me, “I like Shogo’s way of life. I’ve met a bunch of Japanese in my life, and I don’t like them because they are so dull. Whenever I talk to Japanese, they make me bored to death. But take Shogo, he is different from them. He is full of life and enthusiasms. The first time I heard of his legend of a five-consecutive-nights orgy at the Men’s Club, I couldn’t believe he was a Japanese bird anyway. Sometimes I think he is insane, but he is a good person and surely has an amazing personality. He knows how to express his feelings candidly and how to enjoy life indefinitely, which differentiates him from the rest of Japanese. Now I understand why you are fond of him very much and why he is your best friend. I am getting fond of him, too.’ You see, bitch, he’s already decided – you are a special bitch. That’s why he is overgenerous to you, ha-ha-ha. He isn’t generous to everyone because if he doesn’t like someone, he even doesn’t talk to them, but just ignores them as if they didn’t exist. Crazy Henri, ha-ha-ha.”

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