The Biggest Ordeal in My Life

The wedding ceremony was held in a Catholic church in Cancun. Ramon was nervous during the whole ceremony. After the ceremony, he disclosed to me in a tense emotional state, “Bitch, thanks for being a witness for my execution. Thank God, the worst part is over now.”

He made a sigh of cross over himself and continued, “We’re going to change the place to have a wedding party. I’m so sure, you’ll enjoy it there too much. But remember, don’t let your prick control you; you should control it – just behave yourself only tonight, ha-ha-ha. I have to confess that while I was swearing the eternal marriage at the altar, I almost felt like fleeing, because the foreboding of sleeping only with one woman for the rest of my fucking life made me frantic. But when I saw you beside me, somehow my nerve calmed down and gave me the courage to go through. Thank you very much for standing by my side for the biggest ordeal in my life, bitch!”

The wedding party was held in the colossal open garden right beside the sea. Rodrigo drove me to the place. I shared the table with Rodrigo, Daniel, Rosa, and Rosa’s friend. First, the dinner was served. After the dinner, Ramon’s family and Patricia’s family gathered around the center of the open hall and gave speeches. Both Ramon and Patricia mentioned my name during their speeches to show their appreciation for me coming to the wedding from Japan. And then the bride and the bridegroom started dancing to Mexican songs. Ramon was so excited, dancing madly, shaking his ass jubilantly, and making a silly face all the time. I’ve never seen him dancing so deliciously and couldn’t refrain from bursting out laughing. Ramon’s mother was standing to watch his dance beside me and saw me laughing uproariously; she could not refrain herself from bursting out laughing and joined my laughter delightedly.

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