I Want to Ask You A Huge Favor for Only Tonight

The morning of wedding day was coming. Henri went to Cancun last night because he had to find a place to stay at after the wedding. Ramon, his father, and I went to Plaza Pelicano to have a breakfast, and Ramon needed to buy shoes for the wedding. Over the breakfast, I asked Ramon, “Yesterday, Henri asked me if I want to stay at a hotel with him after the wedding, for I would need a place to stay at after that. He told me that we would share a hotel with five people.”

He stopped eating a huge breakfast and replied affectionately, “Bitch, as I’ve told you already, you don’t need to worry about anything during this trip – remember? I’m so glad you have managed to come to attend our wedding that is everything to me. Also, I owe you this friendship. Patricia is very happy as well. You know, she considers you are her male best friend. She is genuinely fond of you. You can’t possibly understand how we appreciate you for being here with us in the most important day of our lives. I’ve already asked Patricia’s parents if you could stay with them. Of course, they are willing to offer a room for you because you know they are fond of you, too. Patricia’s parents have stayed at a hotel by the beach in Cancun, so you can stay with them. So don’t worry, bitch!”

I was touched by his friendly gesture and muttered, “Thanks, thanks, Ramon. I don’t know why you’ve been so kind to me. Japanese have never showed such a heartfelt human gesture. Thank you very much, my friend.”

An elated grin appeared on his face, “Bitch, you don’t need to thank me, because this is my duty to take care of everything for you as a best friend while you are here.”

Here his father said something to Ramon in Spanish with a tender smile.

“Shogo, my father said he really appreciates you for coming here from Japan and said you are a really good friend. He wants you to know he’s considered about you like a Japanese son, ha-ha-ha.”

We all of us were laughing at his father’s naive remark, like a blissful family.

“Bitch, I want to ask you a huge favor for only tonight. Please don’t give your Japanese dick a free rein for only tonight and keep it under your pants, ha-ha-ha… because you have to share the room with my father tonight, so I don’t want you to fuck a Mexican cunt beside my sleeping father. Please behave yourself for only tonight, I beg you, man, ha-ha-ha.”

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