What A Confound Guy He Is!

I have been treated with a plethora of generosity from everyone since my arrival at Playa Del Carmen, as though an Elijah had appeared to them from out of the sky. I have been staying at Ramon’s apartment for a week now. To my astonishment, Henri has been with them for ten days already when I came here. They informed me that he would go back to France in five days, and this is his vacation.

As I say, I have been treated good and proper here, but actually it is overabundant. From morning to night I am fed good and proper without spending any single penny. Every morning Patricia asks me what I want to eat for breakfast and always serves a fresh breakfast with hot coffee, of course. Ramon always eats lunch around 2:00 p.m. and always picks me up wherever I am. He always says, “Shogo, you don’t need to pay for anything because you’re unemployed right now, ha-ha-ha. Don’t worry, bitch, I’ll pay for you.” In the night we always sail on Fifth Avenue to eat dinner and then go to a bar or a night club, or Chilly Willys, perhaps? Every night adventure, Henri insists that he takes care of everything, what a confound guy he is! Every morning I wake up with a heart overflowing with gratitude and fervently thank Lord Almighty for being born under the lucky stars.

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