What Are You Waiting for?

The street is almost empty, and only a few cars are on the road due to the Christmas night. The starry sky is above us, and the night has a brisk weather. While we are driving to his parents’ house, Gerardo suggests to me as if God revealed the divine truth to him, “Shogo, I’m thinking what he told you. You know, so many good things have occurred to you since you came to Mexico. He is right, why don’t you start writing about your life? Your life constitutes with the great deal of breathtaking experiences. And he is right about your anger, too. You shouldn’t think about Japan anymore, you know. I know how you feel toward Japan, but you are in Mexico right now and have been enjoying your life with us. Hence, you don’t need to be angry anymore. I’m thinking you should write about your life in Mexico. What do you think about it, Shogo?”

I am astonished at his idea and divulge, “I’ve never thought about it, my friend. I have always wanted to write about my life, especially my wonderful experiences in Vancouver; I’ve always thought my first book would be about Vancouver period. I don’t know now if I’ll write about the Mexican adventure, but thanks, my friend, I will consider it positively. I just need more time to think about what I’m going to write.”

He is a bit vexed. “Shogo, you don’t need to think, but just write,” he exclaims. “What are you waiting for? Do you think everyone is waiting for you till you get divine inspirations, as you put it? You’re thinking too much about how to begin, I assume. Everyone recognizes a writer in you and believes you are a natural born writer, but only you, Shogo, yourself still have doubt for your talent – that’s why you’ve never get started. Ramon, Jorge, and I have strong faith in you. We just want you to be happy and want you to realize you can do it. Look, Shogo, even a total stranger recognized you tonight and believed you would write a wonderful book. How come? Because it’s so obvious, my friend.”

“Yeah, you might be right. I still have doubt for my ability to write – that’s why I am unable to get started. I will ponder over it in Playa Del Carmen.”

He lights a cigarettes and chafes, “You obstinate son of bitch! You know, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t let myself waste any time and would write a book every day like a possessed. If I had such a superb gift as you do, I would produce book after book, so that I would make sure that I wasn’t wasting my talent. I really don’t understand you sometimes anyway. You have to promise me that you will start writing your book after Playa Del Carmen, okay?”

“Yap, I will try doing my best – you will see, my friend. You will see my artistic side after Playa Del Carmen. Even you won’t recognize me anymore, because I will write every day, without allowing myself any rest like a blissful lunatic, ha-ha-ha.”

“I hope so, I really hope so. Let’s see what will happen, my friend.”

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