Don’t Underestimate Your Own Power

He listens to what I uttered with fully attentive eyes and nods many times during my speech as if all my sufferings were familiar with him. After a brief silence, he says, “What expressive eyes you have, young man! Do you always look at people’s eyes directly when you talk? Do you know your eyes brighten ardently like incandescent stars in heaven? Most people are not able to talk to people while looking at their eyes directly, because it makes them embarrassed.”

I am abashed by his compliment and blurt, “I don’t know it’s good for me or not, but I always do because I want people to know what I’m talking about. I suppose it is the way everyone ought to talk anyway. Many people say I have impressive eyes, but I don’t know why people always praise my eyes.”

“Don’t underestimate your own power, young man!” he admonishes me, “don’t you realize what a great story you’ve just told me? You said you don’t know how to start. Why don’t you start writing about your life? Your life is a full of adventures – I’ve never met anyone who’s been living through such an extraordinary life like yours, including your helpless tribulations in Japan. You don’t need to try to be anybody else; just be yourself – just tell the truth, what you’ve experienced. That’s enough for you to get started, and the whole world will be spellbound by your story. Like me, I am still overwhelmed with your fabulous story. I still can’t believe a man is able to accumulate such prodigious experiences in his lifetime. What a sorrowful cross you had borne on your back in Japan, young man!”

He suddenly fishes out five hundred pesos from his wallet and asks, “Could you accept a small favor? Here is five hundred pesos. Please don’t feel insulted. I know you have money, and it’s not too much but just listen. Just imagine these kinds of situations – maybe, you are not worried about money now, but one day you might face a situation you want to take a bus, but you don’t have any money on you or you might face a situation you want to eat something, but you don’t have enough money to buy food or something like that. When you face these kinds of situations, and you open your wallet and find the five hundred pesos, I want you to remember you have a friend in Mexico. I want you to remember I will remain your friend, and if you need any help, my door will be always open for you.”

He shows me his identification, “See here is my name, here is my address, and here is my occupation. I am living in Golf de club, too, like your friends. Now you know where to find me.”

I am flabbergasted and do not know what to say. I simply accept it and say, “Thank you very much.”

Here he stands up and offers his right hand to shake my hand, “I have something to take care of. I hope every Mexican will help you and will be kind to you. You seem a bright young man, so I am not worried about you. I wish you will spend a great time in Mexico. Please don’t say anything. It’s nothing, my friend. It’s just a small token for your incredible story. Once more, allow me to be giving you the last advice. I can detect anger from your voice when you talk about Japan. I can easily understand how you had suffered and how lonely you had been in Japan. However, listen to me, young man, when you let your anger overcome you, you can’t write a good book; anger makes you stray from your true intention. Let it go, however difficult it is, okay? Moreover, I still can’t fully recover from the shock of such a brilliant young man like you who is destined to overcome a great deal of tribulations. Anyway, I have a hunch that you will be starting to write your book very soon. Don’t forget what I’ve told you – just tell the truth faithfully that you’ve experienced. It is a real pleasure to meet the young man, who has his own vision. You just believe in your own power come hell or high water, and everything will be jake with you. Have a good time in Mexico.”

With that, he walks out.

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