Twenty-Seven Winters Are Behind Him

“Gerardo, as you said, he had no friends and had been constantly alone, so he might not know how to interact with friends and might not know how to build a friendship because he had been alone till he was twenty-two years old. It was too much to be alone, you know. And despite everything, he is your friend, so why don’t you give him another chance?”

“No, man, I won’t invite him anymore!” he was getting emotional and spit two times on the floor vehemently. And then he said, “Shogo, you don’t know him as I do. Sorry to say, but it is the truth. You know, he always asks me to invite him when I have some plans, but he always does diametrically opposite things from everyone whenever we go out. For instance, he always refuses every time I invite him to go to Excess. Why, man? Only heaven knows what is in this disgusting son of bitch’s head. Everyone likes Excess, and we have to enjoy life, you know. Believe me, he is virgin and has never had single girlfriend in his entire life. Of course, he is shy, and nobody likes his hairy body – he must be the descendant of an orangutan, ha-ha-ha. Shogo, twenty-seven winters are behind him – he is twenty-seven years old now. Can you believe that he is still a virgin and refuses to go to Excess to touch beautiful vaginas? What an asshole! You know, what he said to me once I invited him to Excess – he said he doesn’t want to waste his time and money; those kinds of places have the power to ruin family! Can you believe that hairy prick? I got angry, man.”

“What was your response?”

He lit a cigarette afresh and replied indignantly, “Son of bitch! I said to him right to his face. Those kinds of places even existed in Jesus’ time as well, and Jesus himself let Mary Magdalene wash his feet with her hair – obviously, Jesus had a special affection toward a whore. But fucking Luis wasn’t moved by my words and simply said he didn’t want to become degenerated. What a conceited and obstinate bastard he is! Jesus showed us that even a whore is able to have a pure heart. He hasn’t learned anything from history, that hairy, bespectacled orangutan!”

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