You Don’t Know About Me Yet

He raises his right hand, “La cuenta, por favor.”

“Shogo, you know, when I was in Canada, my fellow construction workers said foolish things to me and insulted me,” he spills out the ill feeling, “Canadians couldn’t understand why I came to Canada to work as a construction worker, because they thought I was a complete loser in Mexico; they couldn’t realize I went there to work as a construction worker with my own free will. They simply presumed that I couldn’t find any job in my own country because they thought Mexico is the poor country. They thought I hadn’t gotten enough education, and I didn’t have money, so I came to Canada to find an opportunity to start a new life. They thought I was a sorry immigrant. And on top of it all, they congratulated me on getting a job as a construction worker, saying, ‘You have no choice, you have to take this kind of low jobs, because you don’t have any education and can’t speak good English, so it’s impossible for you to get a good job here as well as in Mexico.’ Shogo, I was so mad at them and couldn’t control myself. I know money, education, car, and such material things are nothing and what I said to them was so foolish, but that moment I simply couldn’t control my rage and hurled at them, ‘Look, man, you’d better know I came to Canada and took this job with my own free will. I chose to come here. In Mexico I drove BMW; I had a nice house; I graduated from Tecnologica de Monterrey, which is the best university in Mexico by the way. Also I had a good job and had a good salary in Mexico. I can live better life in Mexico than you, guys, here. I wanted to have a new experience. For that reason, I decided to come here.’ I am ashamed what I said to them now, but that moment I simply couldn’t compose my anger, you know, because most people thinks Mexicans are poor, have no education, and can’t have a good life. This is not true, Shogo. We can have a good life; we have more energy in life than Canadians, Americans, Europeans, and so on. Moreover, they ridiculed me, ‘You, dirty Mexican! Where is your sombrero? Where is your donkey? Where is your mustache?’ I couldn’t accept such insults, so I hit them.”

“No, I don’t believe you. I think you exaggerated it too much. I know you, Jorgito. You are a very peaceful person – you can’t even hurt a fly. No, my friend, I don’t believe you. You didn’t hit them, ha-ha-ha….”

“Shogo, I did! I really hit them! I think you don’t know about me yet,” he says excitedly.

“Yeah, maybe, I don’t know about your aggressive side yet,” I am laughing.

“Shogo, you don’t know about my dangerous side yet, MY DENGEROUS SIDE, ha-ha-ha….”

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