I Am Thankful to God for Having A Free Spirit

“How about you, Jorgito? How is your business going on?”

The food is served, and he eats like a beast of nature, “Sorry, Shogo, I’m starving. The food is very delicious, eh?”

“Yes, my friend. Very delicious and cheap indeed.”

He wipes his lips with a napkin and replies, “I’m building three houses in Toluca right now, as I told you. Of course, I have some problems, but I can’t complain because at least I am free to enjoy eating lunch with you. You know, I am a little bit worried about whether I can sell houses soon because I don’t have enough money now. I know, Shogo, thinking about money is stupid, but living in this frivolous society system, we need money, you know. If I want to go to Excess to enjoy dancing with sexy vaginas, I need money, ha-ha-ha… I need to fill my gas to go to Toluca, need money to pay a rent, bills, etc. I need money to buy some food; you know, everything requires money. I hate this foolish society system. I try to enjoy my life, but always stupid money makes me anxious.”

I drink water and say, “I completely understand how you feel. Frankly, I don’t have much money now either, but I’m so content with few possessions because how many Japanese have a wonderful friends like me? How many Japanese have the opportunities to have such great experiences like me? How many Japanese have the privilege to stay in Mexico for gratis to be granted to do what they want to do for their lives? A few or none.”

“Of course, no Japanese have such wonderful experiences like you – I guess you are the only Japanese, who has the great opportunity to stay in Mexico without worrying about anything, because you have good Mexican friends. And this is your seventh time to come here. You are almost Mexican, man, ha-ha-ha… you’re really enjoying your life and living on extraordinary life, Shogo.”

“You are right, my friend – if I worked in Japan and never quit my job to take a vacation, I might’ve had enough money to enjoy luxuriating, but I would never experience what I have been through and couldn’t have built good friendships with Gerardo, Ramon, and you. I am thankful to God for having a free spirit and not being obsessed with money. You, too, my friend, before quitting your job, you were constantly depressed and never had time to enjoy your life; however, you now have time to enjoy spending time with me or whatever your heart desires to do, because you are your own boss, and you’re living your life in your own sweet way. You might not have enough money, but you have your own life and time to enjoy. I suppose it’s everything.”

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