I’m Waiting for Inspiration

I am on my way to the office because Jorgito asked me to have a lunch with him. His father owns the office, where he usually works and which is indeed very near to my apartment, five minutes by walking and actually just crossing the bridge to the other side of street. When I come into the office, he says with a radiant smile, “Hey Shogo, how are you doing? I am so glad to have you in Mexico. I am starving, let’s eat something, man.”

“I’m happier than ever, Jorgito. How is your job? Is everything okay?”

We are walking to a restaurant. “Shogo, you know I can’t complain about my circumstances. Watch out the cars, Shogo. Here is not Japan. Nobody stops for you because Mexicans don’t care about pedestrians. You know, I can’t complain because I’m working for myself now, so I have time to have a lunch with you. If I was employed, I wouldn’t enjoy spending time with you on weekdays. Here is the restaurant. Sit there, Shogo.”

“Here looks very nice. How much is the food?”

“Just forty pesos, my friend. Very cheap, eh?  What do you like to order? Shogo, here is the menu.”

“I’ll order Copa do pasta, arroz, y pehoga cordon bleu.”

“So Shogo, tell me how is your writing going on? Did you write anything today?”

“No, my friend. I was reading a book at Starbucks.”

“Shogo, you have a lot of time now, so why don’t you start writing?”

“Because I need more time to study and improve myself, my friend. Probably in two weeks, I’ll start writing.”

“But I think you should start writing your book right now. Why don’t you try to write something after lunch? I am a bit worried about you.”

“Don’t be, Jorgito. And I know exactly what I’m doing, so give me more time. I’m waiting for inspiration.”


“Are you sure, Shogo?”


He looks into my eyes squarely, “If you say you know what you’re doing, I am relieved and believe you. I just want to make sure whether everything is okay with you. You have the apartment and the office to write, so just I thought why Shogo doesn’t get started? But now I understand, my friend, and will wait patiently.”

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